Helmet Accessory

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  • Alpinestars Flow Helmet Bag

    Alpinestars Flow Helmet Bag is made from a lightweight polyester shell with a plush fleece lining and accommodates a full face helmet. A preformed rubber base ensures secure placement, while a spacious side compartment offers generous storage for any...

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  • Arai GP-5, GP-6 Screw-Pivot Kit

    Arai GP-5, GP-6 Screw-Pivot Kit

    Choose either: Arai GP-5 Screw Kit / Pivot Kit which is for All 5 Series Arai Helmets including GP-5, GP5-W, GP-5K and SK5. Arai GP-6 Screw Kit / Pivot Kit for All 6 Series Arai Helmets, GP6 RC, GP6 PED, GP6 S and SK6. Both kits include all...

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  • Arai GP-5W Peak Visor

    NEW Peak for the Arai GP-5W Helmet. The adjustable 'Hyper-T' peak combines the adjustability of the previous Jet-2 model with the classic rounded styling of the Jet Vintage. The peak also includes an easily removable/replaceable light tint anti glare...

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  • Arai Helmet Shields

    Genuine Arai Factory standard replacement face shields for Arai GP-5, GP-5/W, GP-J3, GP-6, GP-6S and SK-6 helmets. Visors are constructed of 3mm Lexan coated composite. Available Clear, Dark Smoked or Light Smoked.* * Other...

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  • Eject Helmet Removal System

    Pulling the helmet off a crash victim can, in seconds, cause further trauma to the neck and cervical spine resulting in serious debilitating, and permanent damage. The Eject Helmet Removal System was designed to aid in the safer removal of a helmet by...

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  • STILO Air Supply System

    Stilo Helmets offer the possibility of integrated air supply systems. These work on ST4F and ST4W helmets, and can be positioned on either the left or right of the helmet, depending on what other options you desire.

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  • STILO Cheek Pads for ST4

    The most popular way to adjust helmet fit is with cheek pads. This ability is not unique to Stilo. However, the design of the cheek pads is unique to stilo. The EPS cheek pads offer increase protection in lateral crashes, and are available in four...

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  • STILO Crown Headpads

    To adjust the fit of the helmet around the top of your head, you can choose between these four thicknesses of Crown Pads. They attach via Velcro and are fairly easy to swap. If you don't already have an Eject kit, we suggest ordering one when...

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  • STILO FIA Hans Post

    STILO FIA Hans Post

    Stilo's FIA approved HANS Posts, a necessity if your sanctioning body requires FIA homologated posts. We still supply the old style posts if you need them for an SA2005 Helmet. PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to have your helmet painted, you absolutely MUST...

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