We here at Rocky Mountain Autosports started out with goal of bringing all the safety equipment into one store for you to browse and compare to your liking. We appoint safety to the top of the list because pushing it past the limit is how we improve. As RMA grows we realize our love is more then just packing boxes and talking with UPS guys. We open our doors to builds of all types whether you just want to get into some autocross/rallycross or if you want to go all out and build towards a dream like climbing Pikes Peak or running with the wolves in a forest rally. You got the dream we will help you build it!


Please call (970) 282-3446 for rates and availability



This 1992 Miata for autocross stepped it up with two Sparco R100 seats and Sparco 4 point 2" harness

img-20180705-125547742.jpg   img-20180705-125639364.jpg


This historic VW Fastback needed extra bars to bring it up to date with new safety requirements, as you can imagine they were a bit more laid back then today's standards

 img-20180707-090830286.jpg  img-20180707-090903523-hdr.jpg



We had an Evo 5 "roll" in to get this beautiful new Custom Cages T45 roll cage, strut plates, seat tubes and Sparco Pro2000II 

img-1839.jpg   img-1862.jpg