Rocky Mountain Autosports carries what we think are some of the best racing wheels available. We carry racing rims from Enkei, Method and Team Dynamics. We also carry the full line of tuning / street performance wheels.

Need help? Click for link to determine your car's stock wheel fitment: 

Some popular common car fitments:

Make & Model           Years     PCD     Center Bore  Offset(+-) 

BMW 3 Series E30       1982-1990  4x100       57.1       35

BMW 3 Series E36       1990-1999  5x120       72.5       47

Ford Fiesta (ST)       2009-2018  4x108       63.4       47

Ford Focus (RS)        2017-2018  5x108       63.4       50

Honda Civic            1983-2006  4x100       56.1       45

Honda Civic            2006-2011  5x114.3     64.1       55

Mitsubishi Lancer      1988-2003  4x114.3     67.1       46

Mitsubishi EVO         1999-curr  5x114.3     67.1       38

Subaru Impreza/WRX     1993-curr  5x100       56.1       55

Subaru Impreza/STI     2005-2010  5x114.3     56.1       53

Volkswagen Golf        1974-1997  4x100       57.1       40

Volkswagen R32,Golf R  2008-curr  5x112       57.1       51

Volkswagen GTI         2006-curr  5x112       57.1       50


NOTE: No wheels we sell are guaranteed to fit any particular vehicle.  It is up to you to determine the correct wheel you need for your application. 

Not sure how a different size of tire and wheel will fit your car?  Check out this nifty little website: www.willtheyfit.com/

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