Winter Ice Tire

Located in Finland and founded in 1968, Keskipinta Ltd is a full-service tire company. 

Keskipinta specializes in Black Rocket rally tires. Black Rocket tires have been in production since 1982. Today, they are the biggest rally tire manufacturer in Finland.

They produce six different types of studded tires for winter rallies, and three different types of summer rally tyres. 
Keskipinta cooperates continuously with the top Finnish rally drivers to develop their products.


15, 16, 17 mm studs protrude ±2.8 mm from the tire

20 mm studs protrude ±4.5 mm from the tire

Not every Black Rocket tire is stocked at RMA.  However, most any BR tire can be air drop shipped to your door for an additional +-$50 per tire.